KayakFirst Paddle Ergometer Kayak

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A realistic paddle machine for kayakers that is easy to store.

Whether you are a performance or recreational paddler, this is the plausible choice when you want to continue training in the winter. KayakFirst is the paddle machine of the new generation with realistic feel that offers you an unbeatable alternative to real paddling.

With the thought-out design of KayakFirst, you get an angle of attack that is absolutely realistic to the seat in your kayak. The reason is that the ropes that lead to the paddle shaft come out of the machine at a relatively high position that is perfectly balanced to give the most credible power distribution. This means that you get a much more realistic training than with most other paddle machines, where the angle and force come from a point further down. The ropes for the paddle shaft also have a fast reset capacity even at high speeds. This way you can do interval training at a really high speed without being restricted by the machine.

As with a rowing machine, you set different resistances depending on who you are and what kind of training you want. The integrated color display allows you to change the type of data to be displayed during the training process. On the display you also have the option to have a virtual opponent displayed to help you maintain your motivation during the training.

The "sliding bench" can be purchased as optional accessory, which imitates the movement of the kayak on the water. It can also be added later.

The ergometer from KayakFirst is basically the same device, regardless of which of the models "Kayak", "Dragon Boat", "Canoe" or "SUP" you decide on. The difference is in the accessories, which means that you can easily perform several types of training with the same machine. If you don't want to buy the entire accessories from the start, you can always add it later if

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