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Advanced Frame 1 Kayak Package, including the inflatable kayak Advanced Frame 1, a pump and a four-part paddle.

Take the kayak with you on the boat, in the car, in the caravan, in the motorhome or on the plane. It can be easily inflated in just 5-10 minutes and packed away just as quickly. The kayak is delivered in a bag that can be easily transported or stored when not in use. The AdvancedFrame 1 is particularly practical on the boat, as it can be inflated as needed and paddled into coves and streams that the boat cannot enter.

The inflatable kayak is a versatile and uncomplicated product with applications that go far beyond the possibilities of a regular kayak. At the same time, the inflatable kayaks from AdvancedFrame have performance that can compete with many hardshell kayaks. The AdvancedFrame 1 weighs only 16 kg and is therefore very easy to handle – both inflated and packed in the bag. Since it is not so long, it can also be maneuvered very easily in the water.

The AF 1 is also unbeatably stable. Thanks to the two air chambers that surround the entire hull of the kayak, you can neither capsize nor fall into the water. Sit securely and comfortably! Everyone can paddle – whether you are a beginner or have paddled before. Despite its width, the AF 1 has good driving characteristics and is very easy to paddle. The adjustable, padded seat provides excellent comfort and has a high backrest, so you can sit comfortably on both long and short trips. This kayak is perfect for anyone who likes to get out on the water to take pictures or go fishing!

Thoughtful and durable construction!

Like the entire AdvancedFrame series, the AdvancedFrame 1 is characterized by an unbeatably durable and thoughtful design. Made of durable and long-lasting materials and professional components. The kayak is reinforced at the front and back with aluminum rails that provide excellent directional stability. The bottom coating consists of reinforced PVC and is equipped with a rear fin for improved directional stability. The two air chambers inflatable at 2 psi are protected by two outer layers, making the kayak absolutely safe to paddle in open water.

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