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Outlife Foam Paddle Float for Self-Rescue in Capsizing.

The Paddle Float is a buoyancy aid and is used to stabilize the kayak so you can easily re-enter the kayak after capsizing. The Paddle Float is buoyant and is attached to one blade of the paddle. The second paddle blade is then placed under the kayak's deck lines, which stabilizes the kayak and makes it easier to climb back on without losing balance.

There are also inflatable Paddle Floats, which take up less space, but the advantage of a foam Paddle Float is that you don't have to inflate it when you are already capsized. Just pull it over the paddle blade and secure the other side of the paddle to the kayak. When you are capsized, you will particularly appreciate this simplicity.

When paddling, the Paddle Float can also be used as a seat cushion, as a protection when pulling the kayak ashore, and as a pillow for overnight stays.

The Outlife Paddle Float has pockets that are accessible from two sides. For attachment to the kayak's deck lines, there are practical buckles with integrated whistles on the holder. A foam Paddle Float is ready to use right away and can be taken on a tour by simply strapping it behind the cockpit.


  • Extra large volume for more stable self-rescue
  • Reflectors – front, back and top
  • Contrast colors for best visibility
  • Two separate insert pockets allow the paddle to be mounted from both sides of the kayak without having to remove the Paddle Float.
  • Two whistles
  • Rounded corners
  • The large pocket of the Paddle Float is equipped with drainage holes

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