Outlife Sleek Touring Paddle, 2-piece

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Length: 210-225cm
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A lightweight paddle for low, soft and relaxed paddling.

Outlife Sleek is a great standard paddle suitable for both beginners and experienced paddlers. With its lightweight 850 grams, Sleek is gentle on wrists and shoulders.

The shaft has an adjustable length of 15 cm and allows you to choose the angle of the blades freely. This allows you to adjust the paddle to your technique and the width of your kayak. It is also an excellent alternative when the paddle is to be used by people of different sizes.

The blade has a drainage pin so that hands stay dry, and if this were not enough, drip rings are also mounted on the shaft. To simplify transport and storage, the paddle can be divided into two pieces.

Sleek is one of the best-selling paddles and has therefore proven itself very well. Our customers confirm that it is one of the best paddles in its price range.


  • Length: 210-225 cm/220-235 cm.
  • Blade area: 533 cm2
  • Weight: 850 g
  • 15 cm adjustable length
  • Shaft material: Carbon
  • Blade material: Glass fiber reinforced nylon
  • Two-piece
  • Mounted drip rings
  • Drainage pin on the blade

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