SmartTrack Foot Brace Vertical Adjustment Kit

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SmartTrack Foot Brace Vertical Adjustment Kit.

The SmartTrack Foot Brace Vertical Adjustment Kit allows you to lower or raise the position of the control system, helping many people to access it more easily and achieve a more comfortable seating position and a more enjoyable paddling experience.

If you have SmartTrack Performance Pedal Rails and firmly laminated mounting screws in your kayak, you must use the vertical adjustment kit as a holder for the pedal rails.

If you wish to have the pedal rail more in the middle, you can mount distance blocks (item number ST20-438) between the hull and the vertical adjustment plates.


Install the first pedal rail with two screws (item number ST44-530) and two nuts (item number ST44-531) per rail on the vertical adjustment plate. Then install the plate in the kayak.

There are two ways to install pedal rails in kayaks:

  1. If there are firmly laminated mounting screws with corresponding nuts in the kayak, you can use them. For this you need an additional "SmartTrack Foot Brace Vertical Adjustment Kit" (item number ST948). The pedal is then attached to the vertical adjustment plate with screws (item number ST44-530) and then this plate is mounted to the corresponding nuts in the kayak. If you are building a kayak and want to laminate your own mounts, we recommend a mounting screw from Kajaksport (item number KS501117.1).
  2. If there are no firmly laminated mounting screws in the kayak, you can use screws that go through the hull. In this case, mount with 4 through screws (item number ST44-528), 4 nuts (item number ST44-531) and 4 gaskets (item number ST43-802).

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