SmartTrack Transitional Footrest

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Easily adjustable footrests for kayaks without oars. Aluminum rail.

SmartTrack is one of the most popular footrests on the market, not least because of how easy it is to adjust the leg length to the pedals. Even if you are sitting in a kayak and want to change the seating position or in the event that multiple people are using the same kayak and want to easily change the setting.

SmartTrack's Transitional Footrest features an aluminum rail that is very durable and produces very little friction when adjusting the pedal.

Mounting instructions.
There are two ways of mounting pedal rails in kayaks.
Either you have 4 continuous screws, (ST44-528), 4 nuts, (ST44-531) and 4 sealing rings (ST43-802), 2 per pedal rail..

Or there are permanently laminated fixing screws with corresponding nuts in the kayak.
If you are building a kayak and want to laminate your own holders, we recommend KS501117 from Kajaksport.

If you want to mount the pedal rail more in the center, the distance blocks ST20-438 can be used.

The Transitional Footrests can easily be converted into a steering system.

For this you need 1 fine adjustment screw ST20-459 per pedal, two pedal springs ST44-541 per pedal and one foot pedal, ST20-478 for right and ST20-477 for left.


35 cm adjustable circumference in leg length.

Distance between mounting holes: CC 368 mm (standard size)

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