SmartTrack Transitional Toe Pilot Foot Control

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Easy to adjust and cost-effective control system with a robust aluminum rail. Available in two variants: "Standard" and "With Barrel Lock Adjuster".

The SmartTrack control system features a fixed footrest combined with a foot control. SmartTrack is one of the most popular control systems on the market, largely due to the fact that the length of the pedals can be adjusted so easily. This can be easily done both by the paddler himself when sitting in the kayak, and by a guide standing next to him.

The SmartTrack control systems have a very good stroke compared to other similar products from other manufacturers and are compatible with both cable and rope as a control for the rudder. The design of the pedals adapts the control line by itself.

The SmartTrack Recreational control system has fine adjustment screws on the front edge of the rail (closest to the bow). With the fine adjustment screws, you can adjust the side rudder straight by screwing it on one side or the other. When you tighten both screws, the foot pedals are closer to the paddler, allowing him to adjust the position of the pedals to his own preferences.

The two variants

  • "Standard" according to the description above.
  • The "With Barrel Lock Adjuster" variant corresponds to the one from Standard, but is additionally supplied with a 50 cm long cable that terminates with a fine adjustment screw. From the fine adjustment screw you can connect yourself with a rope or cable to the back of your rudder. Great about this solution is that you get an easier accessible fine adjustment in the cockpit. In addition, you get a durable cable in front of the pedals so that you can avoid wear problems.


There are two ways to install pedal rails in kayaks:

  1. If there are laminated mounting screws with corresponding nuts in the kayak, you can use them. If you are building a kayak and want to laminate your own brackets, we recommend a mounting screw from Kajaksport (item number KS501117

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