Kajaksport Lightweight Hatch Cover, Oval

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Size: 42/30cm
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Oval and lightweight hatch cover with click-on function.

Kajaksport is the most common brand for hatch covers for kayaks and is primarily used by most kayak manufacturers due to its high quality. This model is made of two different materials, making the cover stiff but not more difficult to put over the edge. The advantage of these covers is that they have a lower weight than conventional rubber hatch covers. They have proven themselves over many years and have a long durability. There are attachment points for securing ropes both inside and outside.

Note that this type is especially suitable for fiberglass kayaks.

What size should you choose?

Choosing the right hatch cover size is not always easy. The given dimensions are not the dimensions of the cover as one might assume, but they represent the size of the opening on the kayak.

To choose the right cover size, you need the outer measurements of the kayak rim. Measure the outer measurement at the longest and widest point. Then use the following table to find the right size. Be sure to measure carefully, as the difference between the various sizes can be very small in some cases.

Do you have a kayak from PH, Valley, Impex or Necky? Then you should take a look at the hatch cover in size 41/22 cm instead.

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