Latex 3D Socks

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Size: JS-Small
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Latex 3D Socks for Drysuit. Sold individually.

Adhere with cuff glue. 3D means the sock won't lay flat on the ground. Socks are sold individually. Use the measurements listed below to determine which size best fits your drysuit.

Extra Large:
A: 133 mm (210 mm flat)
B: 305 mm
C: 290 mm

A: 133 mm (210 mm flat)
B: 290 mm
C: 290 mm

A: 133 mm (210 mm flat)
B: 255 mm
C: 290 mm

Junior Small-Small:
A: 133 mm (210 mm flat)
B: 230 mm
C: 290 mm

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