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Popular Inflatable Kayak for Ultimate Portability

Take your kayak anywhere – in a boat, car, caravan, RV, or even on a plane. Easily inflate it in 5-10 minutes and pack it away just as quickly. The kayak comes in a handy carrying bag that's easy to store when not in use. On the boat, the AdvancedFrame 1 is incredibly convenient, allowing you to inflate it when needed and explore coves and waterways inaccessible to larger boats.

The air kayak is a versatile and straightforward product, extending far beyond the capabilities of traditional kayaks. Meanwhile, the performance of the AdvancedFrame air kayaks rivals that of many rigid kayaks. Weighing only 16 kg, the AdvancedFrame 1 is extremely easy to handle, both inflated and packed in the bag. Its shorter length also makes it highly maneuverable in water.

Stable & Easy-to-Paddle Kayak with Premium Comfort

The AF 1 is exceptionally stable. Thanks to its dual air chambers that run the entire circumference, it's nearly impossible to tip over or fall into the water. You'll sit safely and comfortably! Suitable for everyone, whether you're an experienced paddler or a beginner. Despite its width, the AF1 is fast and easy to paddle. The comfort is outstanding, with an adjustable padded seat and high backrest, ensuring comfort during both long and short journeys. This kayak is also perfect for those interested in water photography or fishing!

Thoughtful & Durable Design
Like the entire AdvancedFrame series, the AdvancedFrame 1 is designed with an unbeatably durable and well-thought-out construction. It's made exclusively from strong, resilient materials and professional components. The front and rear are reinforced with aluminum rails that provide excellent directional stability. The bottom layer is made of tough reinforced PVC and equipped with a rear fin to further improve directional stability. The two air chambers, inflated to a full 2 psi, are protected by two outer layers, making the kayak completely safe for paddling even on open water.

The deck of AF 1 is easily accessed through a zipper, making it simple to get in and out. There is ample space behind the seat and in front of the feet for your gear and provisions. The top of the kayak is equipped with deck lines and D-rings for attaching additional gear if needed.

AdvancedFrame 1 is a very popular, well-liked, and proven inflatable kayak that allows you to safely and easily get out on the water! Air kayaks from AdvancedFrame are built to withstand thousands of assemblies and disassemblies and have a very long lifespan. We and many of our customers have been using their air kayaks for more than 10 years!

Benefits of AdvancedFrame 1

  • Directionally stable – Built-in aluminum rails form a distinct bow and stern, making the kayak track straight.
  • Durable – Constructed in three layers for maximum durability in all conditions.
  • Easy assembly – The kayak comes pre-assembled; unfold and inflate it in just 5 minutes!
  • Comfortable – An adjustable soft seat provides optimal comfort, even on long trips.
  • Portable – Easily transportable and storable in the included carrying bag.

Features & Equipment:

  • Durable valves with built-in check valve
  • Built-in safety valve in the floor (prevents overpressure)
  • Inflatable cockpit ring for use with a spray skirt
  • Welded waterproof seams
  • Topside made of reinforced, treated polyester for optimal durability and tightness
  • Elastic deck lines in front of the cockpit
  • Sturdy molded rubber handles at the bow and stern
  • Reinforced bottom layer at the bow and stern
  • Aluminum rails at the bow and stern for optimal speed and tracking
  • Storage space under the deck behind the cockpit
  • Neoprene paddle guards on the sides of the kayak
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Fixed skeg for optimal directional stability
  • D-rings on the top for placing loads behind the back

Included Equipment

  • Carrying bag for storage and transport
  • Foldable seat
  • Repair kit
  • Manual/Instruction Booklet

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