Baltic Mariner PFD

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Colour: Blue
Size: S (30-50kg)
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Mariner: A Simple Life Vest Ideal for the Average Boater and Holiday Sailor

The Mariner features segmented buoyancy material on the front of the vest for flexibility. It includes an external pocket with a zipper, front lacing and zipper, and a waistband with a quick-release buckle. With 50N buoyancy, it is classified as a buoyancy aid. Life vests with a buoyancy capacity of 50 Newton, sometimes referred to as sailing vests, are somewhat simpler than life jackets. A 50N life vest will keep you afloat comfortably but lacks a collar to support the head. The buoyancy is evenly distributed between the front and back, hence it does not guarantee to turn an unconscious person to a face-up position. If you plan to use the life vest for paddling, we recommend a model with a tighter fit.

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