EastPolePaddles Nanook2 2-Piece Greenland Paddle

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Introducing EastPolePaddles Nanook2 2-Piece Greenland Paddle, crafted from Western Red Cedar.

This traditional paddle is inspired by the design of paddles from western Greenland, featuring an oval cross-section and pronounced shoulders for easy hand placement. The oval shape of the blades also makes them quieter than diamond-shaped models from Eastern Greenland.

Boasting the highest quality paddle joint from Finnish Kajaksport, the EastPolePaddles Nanook2 2-Piece Greenland Paddle is designed for easy transportation and storage. The paddle shafts are reinforced with fir for extra stiffness, and treated with oil to protect the wood and provide a pleasant, grippy surface.

Paddling with a Greenland paddle is gentle on muscles and joints, and the long, slim blades glide effortlessly and silently through the water, unaffected by wind.


  • Material: Western Red Cedar with fir-reinforced shaft
  • Width: 90 mm
  • Weight: 800-950g

Note: Wood is a material with great variation in terms of density, weight, color and pattern (grain). The weight of a standard paddle made of Western Red Cedar normally lies between 800 and 950 grams depending on the length of the paddle. The color of an oiled paddle can vary from light red to dark brown. The pictures of the paddles are therefore only to be regarded as an illustration.

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