Kajaksport Rubber Hatch Cover, Round

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Round Rubber Hatch Cover.

Kajaksport is the most common brand for kayak hatches and is primarily used by most kayak manufacturers due to its high quality. This model is made of real rubber and is absolutely reliable even under extreme conditions. There are attachment points for a securing rope both inside and outside.

Which size should you choose?

Choosing the right hatch cover size isn't always easy. The given measurements are not the size of the hatch, as one might assume. They are meant to represent the size of the opening on the kayak.

To choose the right hatch size, you need the measurements of the outside diameter where the hatch is to be inserted. Then use the following table to find the right size. Be sure to measure carefully, as the difference between the various sizes can be very small in some cases.

Briefly on the different sizes

  • 10 cm is usually used as a hatch for the mini box in front of the cockpit.
  • 15 cm is usually used as a coffee hatch (day hatch).
  • 19.5 cm is usually used as a front storage cover on British kayaks (PH, Valley, Impex or Necky).
  • 20 cm is usually used as a coffee hatch and also as a front storage cover.
  • 24 cm is usually used as a front storage cover.

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