Outlife Basic Safety Kit, Inflatable

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A set of essential safety gear recommended for all paddlers.

The set includes:

We have put together our best and most essential safety products in a complete package which we believe is a must for any paddler.

The Paddlefloat is an inflatable cushion that inflates when the kayak capsizes and is attached to the paddle so you can get back into the kayak without losing balance.

The Lenzpump is used for pumping out water from the cockpit. It may have entered when paddling without a spray deck or when the kayak capsizes.

The Paddle Leash is a paddle leash between the paddle and the life vest or kayak. It prevents the paddle from drifting away when the kayak capsizes.

For safety reasons, a whistle should be carried on the lake.

This safety kit is also available in a version with a

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