Outlife Kayak Trolley

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A great aid for those who want to transport their kayak by themselves. This is a high quality trolley with puncture-proof wheels for a hassle-free use.

Place the stern of the kayak on the trolley and lift the front handle of the kayak. With the help of the trolley, you can then easily move the kayak without any help. Even when you load a lot of weight, the kayak can be easily rolled by hand.

You can easily remove the wheels and quickly fold the trolley when you want to stow it in the kayak or store it at home. If you have a few hundred meters to the water or need to cross between different waters, this kayak trolley from Outlife is an excellent help.

The Outlife Kayak Trolley is a very durable model of the highest quality and is equipped with puncture-proof wheels. It is sprung at the attachment and pressure points and has a foldable leg.

The kayak can be secured to the trolley with a strap around the front handle of the trolley to ensure that the kayak stays on the trolley during transport. This model is also available with an integrated tension strap.

Wheel diameter: 21 cm

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