Outlife Spraydeck

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Outlife Spraydeck Nylon with drawcord around body and cockpit.

Outlife's Spraydeck is available in three different sizes and fits most kayaks. They are waterproof and keep the cockpit warm and dry, which is pleasant on cold and windy days. A tight rubber cord at the bottom of the hood holds tight around the cockpit edge, and at the front edge the spraydeck is equipped with a colored handle so you can easily pull off the spraydeck if you ever capsize. The spraydeck is pulled on under the life jacket and holds tight around the body with the help of an elastic drawcord. This spraydeck is equipped with suspenders, which is popular with most people, but can be removed upon request.

Size is determined by the external measurements (length × width) of the cockpit:

  • Small: 75–85 cm × 40–50 cm
  • Medium: 80–90 cm × 45–53 cm
  • Large: 85-90 cm × 45-58 cm
  • Large: 90-105 cm × 50-58 cm

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