Outlife Upright Bars

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Outlife Upright Bars

Stabilize kayaks laterally on the car roof and make it easier to load two or more kayaks.

Upright bars are mounted on the roof rack to stabilize the kayaks laterally during transport. Outlife's upright bars are padded around the post with cell foam, and the foam is in turn protected by a strong polyester fabric.

On each post there are double iron loops to easily tighten the straps in both directions so that they do not block each other.

The fastening holes are shaped like an eight and therefore fit most roof racks, including wing, oval and square profiles.

Upright bars are an excellent addition to Outlife's foam profile when it gets tight between the roof racks.


  • 8-shaped fastening holes
  • Two loops at the top
  • Sold in pairs.

The package includes

  • Long screws
  • Short screws
  • Screws for T-rail
  • Ordinary nuts
  • Nuts for hand assembly
  • Lock washers

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