SmartTrack Barrel Lock Adjuster

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SmartTrack Barrel Lock Adjuster for Control Lines.

With a SmartTrack Barrel Lock Adjuster, you can adjust the length of your control line. Let the adjuster be the link between two lines to easily tension the line to the desired position by tightening it. It can also be used in the cockpit as a connection between the control line and cable.

Common applications for a SmartTrack Barrel Lock Adjuster:

  • Adjust the rudder to be straight by tightening it on one side or the other.
  • Bring the foot pedals closer to the paddler by tightening both screws. This way, the paddler can adjust the position of the pedals to their own preference.
  • Get an adjustable connection between the underlying rudder and the tow rudder, such as surf skis which require the lines to be fully tensioned in order to achieve their full effect.

The adjuster offers a 3 cm adjustment range.

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