SmartTrack CRW Rudder Cable Attachment Kit

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CRW Cable Lock can be used with cable or rope with a diameter of 1.5 mm.

This lock minimally wears on the steering line. Inside the lock is a rearward sliding wedge that allows for easy adjustment of the steering line length.

For example, if you want to remove the rudder during transport, you can do so easily by removing the securing ring.

The kit includes:

  • SmartTrack CRW Rope Clamp (Item Number ST44-426)
  • SmartTrack CRW Wedge (Item Number ST44-407)
  • SmartTrack Rudder Head Pin (Item Number ST44-519)
  • SmartTrack Rudder Lock Ring (Item Number ST44-520)
  • SmartTrack Pin for Rudder Head (Item Number ST44-509)
  • SmartTrack Shrink Tube (Item Number ST43-811)

CRW Rudder Cable Locks are sold in pairs.

Assembly Instructions

When assembling, first thread the cable/rope through the shrink tube, further into the moon-shaped “CRW body” and into the small opening. Insert the wedge into the large opening, round it off with the cable and then thread it out again. Insert the securing pin ST44-509 and bend it to secure the wedge.

Position the CRW rudder cable lock in line with the rudder attachment for the steering line, install the “clevis pin”, secure the securing pin ST44-519 with the securing ring ST44-520.

Now pull the cable tight at the desired position, clamp them together and then thread the shrink tube over the end of the cable. Heat the shrink tube with a hairdryer or carefully with a lighter.

CRW Cable Lock fits the rudder heads

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