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SmartTrack Rudders are available in two sizes; "SmartTrack Single" and "SmartTrack Tandem".

SmartTrack Single are 34 cm long and the shorter of the two models. They are most commonly used with low-stern kayaks. They are also often used when a lower water resistance is desired, as there is less surface area in the water with the short blade.

SmartTrack Tandem are 42 cm long and the longer of the two models. Tandem is the most common rudder blade for sea kayaks, as the paddler often values the best possible rudder effect. The difference in rudder effect is especially noticeable with many waves.

The rudder line is attached to the two rudder blades in the same way. To do this, make a knot at the end and insert it into the hole at the back edge of the rudder and tighten it. You don't need to pull the line through the hole.

The rudder blades come with a SmartTrack spring (item no. ST44-518).


  • Length SmartTrack Single: 34 cm
  • Length SmartTrack Tandem: 42 cm
  • The blades are compatible with the following rudder heads: SmartTrack Original, SmartTrack Flow, SmartTrack Compact, SmartTrack Race, SmartTrack Ski and SmartTrack Ski-B

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