SmartTrack Ski Blade Housing/Rudder Head

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The SmartTrack Ski Blade Housing/Rudder Head is a small, light, robust and popular aluminum rudder head that sits on a variety of kayaks and surfskis with a low stern.

Thanks to the strength and stability of the rudder head, maximum rudder power is maintained even in strong crosswinds. It also has an excellent rudder stroke, giving you excellent maneuverability. With Ski, the rudder springs back when you paddle over an obstacle and can be easily folded up if needed.

It can be combined with two different blade sizes, with Single (Part No. ST930) being most commonly used on training kayaks and surfskis. Tandem (Part No. ST931) is standard on sea kayaks or if you plan to paddle with a surfski/training kayak where the flow is unstructured yet the best possible rudder effect is needed.

The rudder head is supplied with the Cable Lock Kit CRW (ST940) and the Ruderfalt Set ST-K900.

The rudder shaft is equipped with a bayonet closure so that the rudder cannot fall out by itself.


  • The distance from the center of the sleeve to the stern mirror must not exceed 40 mm.
  • The rudder head protrudes 27 mm from its mounting point.

Assembly Instructions for Blades

Here is an instruction for mounting blades on SmartTrack rudder heads. In the film, the rudder head is "Original", while the mounting of "Ski" is identical:

If you have a kayak with a lower seat position, you may want a SmartTrack Rudder Head Ski-B. If you want

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